Chairman: Isaac Abrahams,

Treasurer: Rob Jackson,

Secretary: Abbie Mclaughlin,

Newsletter and Website: Pooja Panchmatia,

Fixed Term Member:Andrew Logsdail,

Industrial Member: Robert Gruar (Sharp),

Industrial Member: Paul O’Meara (Panalytical),

Student Member: Irene Cascallana (University of Glasgow)

Jan-Willem Bos,

Fiona Coomer,

Emma McCabe,

Richard Darton,

Paz Vaqueiro,

Stephen Skinner,




News and Events
Recent News:
Several job opportunities at Faradion (Sheffield) - Battery research
EDF Energy Lectureship in Materials Modelling at Loughborough University
Lectureship in Physical Chemistry, University of Reading
Recent Events:
Designing Forcefields in an Age of Cheap Computing, 26-28th July, Sheffield
New Directions in Superconductivity 25th May 2017 University of Liverpool
4th Energy Materials Symposium: Bath, 7th September 2017